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From: John Rogers
Subject: Dollars for Dad Part 2The following is fiction and not intended to promote any action.
Frank waited until Monday to call Jason. As he dialed the number he
wasn't sure what he real teen sex would preggo teen porn
say but knew that he wanted to be with Jason
again. Jason picked up on the third ring. After the usual amenities, Frank
went for it. "Jason, when can we be together again?"
"Well, it will have to be tonight or tomorrow ... I'm going out of
town for at least two weeks on Thursday."
Frank didn't want to sound too eager, "Okay, how about tomorrow? Where
shall we teen shelly porn meet?"
"Let's start at Mo's and go from there."
"Fine, at seven ... does that work for you?"
Jason conveyed a little sense of urgency, "Great, I'll see you at
seven." The next day was a bit of a blur for Frank, he got his work done but
wasn't sure that he remember much of what he young teen sex picture
had done. Home by 5:30,
trimmed the hair in and around his cock and balls ... he had discovered
that Jason trimmed his hair and thought it was a xxx teen angels good idea. A nice long,
hot shower and then into his `you should want to fuck me clothes.' He
arrived at Mo's at 6:55. Being nervous he counted the minutes until Jason
arrived, it was 7:05.
"Have you been waiting long?" Jason said after giving Frank a quick
kiss on the lips.
"Oh, a few minutes -- didn't even have time to order anything."
A server came to their table and took their orders -- Jack Daniels for
Frank and a martini for Jason. Frank was in awe of Jason's good
looks. "Jason, you are just about the best looking man I have ever seen."
Jason was embarrassed by Frank's comment -- even as he knew that Frank
was correct. "Thank you, I think you are handsome yourself." Jason had
plans for the night ... he hoped that Frank would approve. After the drinks
came, he leaned close to his new lover, "Frank, why don't we finish our
drinks and go some place more private. I don't want to share you with the
`Back Room' tonight."
Frank was more than agreeable, "Your place or mine? What did you have
in mind?"
"I think mine and I want your cock in me." Frank's xxx young teen porn
dick started to get
excited as Jason rubbed it.
Frank took a large swig of his drink. "Jason, you don't know how I've
been wanting to do that since we met. So please stop rubbing or I'll cum
right here."
After rapidly finishing their drinks, Frank followed Jason to his
place, a nice condo. "Let me show you around the place." Frank liked the
lay out, living room two bedrooms, two full baths.
"Jason, this is really nice, but I'm surprised you don't have a
"Oh, I do, but he's out of town ... he travels even more than I do."
Jason poured two glasses of white wine and led Frank to the sofa. "I've
been lucky ... I have a roommate that is neat, pays his portion of the rent
and bills on time and doesn't ask questions about my sex life -- nor I
about his."
"Is he gay?" teen heshe porn Frank was genuinely curious.
"Do you mean have I had sex with him? Yes, I have. But only twice and
each time it was just a quick blow job." Jason put down his wine and kissed
Frank. "He doesn't turn me on like you do." Frank returned the kiss with
passion ... their tongues exploring each others mouth. When they came up
for air, Jason stood up. "You stay there, I'll be back in a flash."
Frank watched him disappear into his bedroom. Jason's return was so
quiet that Frank didn't notice him until Jason stepped around the
sofa. Clad in only a satin thong, Jason was gorgeous. His body was somewhat
swimmers and somewhat twink -- well defined chest and shoulders, close to
six-pack abs and long slender legs. He slowly picked up his wine and sipped
it never taking his eyes off of Frank. Jason noticed that a tent was
growing in Frank's trousers. He slowly put down his wine and took the glass
from Frank's hand and put it on the coffee table. Frank tried to get up but
Jason put a hand Frank's shoulder to tell him to stay put. He then placed a
knee on each side of Frank and started to grind his crotch into Frank's
cock. Jason's hands were on the top of the sofa as he again kissed
Frank. This time it was a slow more delicate kiss, his tongue in and out of
his lover's mouth. After breaking the kiss Frank started to lick Jason's
now hard nipples while teen celeb porn pics his hands roamed over a perfect butt. Frank knew
that he had to get Jason to stop so he lifted him off his lap. Standing in
front of Frank was a sexy, willing young stud --- Frank could only do one
thing. He pulled down Jason's thong and took that magnificent cock in his
mouth. As the rest of his body was well proportioned so was his
cock. Frank's mouth went up and down the length of the dick as it became
more young teen pussy galleries
and more aroused. His hands roamed over his partner's butt cheeks and
down his legs -- the feel of the soft, smooth hairless skin excited Frank
as he continued to suck on Jason's cock. His right hand found Jason's ass
hole and he gently inserted the tip into it. Now he took the dick out of
his mouth and slowly licked the entire seven or eight inch length. With his
tongue he played with the teen hardcore porn movies pee hole as it oozed pre-cum. With his left hand
Frank jack the cock while he took Jason's balls in his mouth and then
tongued them.
Jason was in heaven, "Don't stop ... this is so good." Frank had no
intention of stopping. He took the cock in his mouth and grabbed his young
lover's butt cheeks to keep him from moving. Jason understood what Frank
wanted and started to thrust his hips toward Frank's waiting mouth. Jason's
dick was mouth-fucking Frank with a passion. No one could have lasted very
long. Jason knew it was about time and so did Frank.
"Oh, god" was all Jason could get out as his cock gushed a stream of
cum into Frank's mouth. He grabbed his lover's head and held it in place as
a second and then a third issuance of semen entered Frank's mouth. Frank's
blowjob technique may have improved but his ability to swallow all of
Jason's cum lesbian teen having shower
had not. Out of both corners of his mouth xxx young teen porn dripped the salty
cream that he now loved.
Jason dropped to his knees and licked his semen off Frank's cheeks and
chin. mallorca teen porn "Lover, that was great -- I wish I could describe how good that makes
my dick feel." He got to his feet and offered Frank his hand, "Now it's
time for young teen pussy galleries me to pleasure you." Frank took his hand and was led down the hall
to Jason's bedroom. In the bedroom Jason turned to Frank and slowly
unbuttoned Frank's shirt and tossed it aside. With one hand caressing
Frank's still clothed cock, he lick and sucked on Frank's nipples, then
kissed him deeply -- the taste of his own cum was still in Frank's
mouth. Now he pulled back naturalist nudes teens and looked into his lover's eyes while mallorca teen porn his
practiced hands pulled down Frank's zipper and undid his trousers. Frank
kicked off his shoes as Jason deftly dropped to his knees to remove his
partner's tight teen asses pants. Frank had chosen his underwear carefully and Jason
appreciated the sexy mesh bikinis. Jason's tongue now licked the dick and
balls he so desperately wanted. But that had to wait for a moment.
Jason stood up as Frank removed his socks, "Frank, please lie down so
I can suck your cock." Frank did as instructed. Jason was immediately on
top of him as they exchanged long wet kisses while exploring each other's
body. Jason spoke first, "I'm going to make love to you, but I don't want
you to cum until you are deep inside me."
"I'll do my best."
With that Jason slid down Frank's body to take his erect cock in his
mouth. With practiced efficiency Jason's mouth took the length of Frank's
dick -- his tongue working the entire time the cock was sliding in and out
of the mouth. In his aroused state Jason knew that Frank would not last
long, but having suck a lot of cock he knew just when to stop -- which
Jason did as he swung his around to present his ass to Frank's lips.
"Lick my hole ... I want it all wet for you." Jason told Frank as he
continued to teen titans porn games jack the cock. Frank lifted his head and slowly started to rim
his partner's asshole. He managed to bring his hands to Jason's butt cheeks
and spread them as his tongue found its way inside Jason's ass. Frank's
dick was once again surrounded by Jason's mouth as his head expertly bobbed
up and down. After a few seconds that seemed like a few minutes, the
cocksucking ceased as Jason tore open the condom pack and quickly covered
Frank's cock. KY jelly soon followed and in a flash Jason was on all fours
and Frank was behind him. Being still the novice, Frank was somewhat
reluctant to penetrate Jason.
Jason was in heat and pleaded with Frank, "Please, fuck me...put your
cock in me."
"I don't want to hurt you," the tip of Frank's cock was at Jason's
"Fuck me, Frank, I want it."
Frank penetrated Jason slowly until he realized that Jason's moans
were from pleasure not pain. The two studs soon were in rhythm -- Frank's
thrusts in sync with Jason's hip movements. The two studs continued to
pound Jason's ass for minutes -- Jason turned his head and looked back to
see pleasure etched on his lover's face and Frank leaned forward to kiss
Jason. But all good things must end and shortly Frank's dick was ready to
Jason also could sense that Frank was ready, "Don't pull out, cum in
my ass."
Frank didn't have a choice, his body spasmed as he climaxed. He had no
idea how much semen he shot, but cum he did -- at least three and maybe
four times. And then it was over. Slowly he pulled his cock out of Jason's
ass and then peeled the now cum filled rubber off his dick. Throwing the
condom in the wastebasket, Frank collapse next to Jason.
"I've never experienced anything tight teen asses like that," Frank's eyes peered
directly into Jason's. "It's trite but did you like it?"
"Darling, you are the best and I should hope that it will always be
this good." Jason smiled at Frank. "Next time I'll start to break you in
... the first time can be ...uncomfortable if not painful."
"Your first time was painful?"
Jason stroke Frank's cheek, "Only, a little ... I had a wonderful,
gentle lover my first time. And if I'm your first, I'll be gentle."
The two snuggled in the post sex glow until Jason got up and returned
with refreshed glasses of wine. In his absence Frank had propped up the
pillows so that they could sit upright in bed. Frank thought it might be a
touchy subject but broached it anyway.
"Jason, have you had many lovers?"
Some would be angry with such a question but Jason remained
non-plus. "Frank, there is, I believe, a stereotype of gays that we jump
from one bed to another as often as possible. I don't think that is true
anymore than single straights are fucking someone new every night. Sure
I've slept with more than one person but I bet you've had as many women as
I've had men."
Frank knew he had been rebuked, "Touche"
Jason continued, "I'll be honest with you, I like sex ... I may have
an almost insatiable sex drive, but that doesn't mean I'll suck any cock I
can get a hold of.... And trust me I know men who do. I have done just
about everything you can do with a man," he stopped and smiled again at
Frank, "but I do draw the line at pain or watersports."
"Same here."
Jason was on a roll, "I even had a relationship with a guy who like to
wear women's lingerie when we had sex ... I've still got what I use to
wear. That's when I had my body hair removed."
"I preggo teen porn
think it makes you even more attractive," Frank was trying to
"You do ... that's good to hear." Jason paused. "There is one thing I
have lesbian teen having shower never done that I would like to."
This got Frank's attention, "What's that?"
"I've never been in a threesome ... I'd like to have a cock in my
mouth while someone fucks my ass." Jason could tell from the look on Frank
that he was trying to imagine the scene.
"Jason that would be so hot ... think of me when you find a third."
Jason put his glass on the night stand and turned off the light, " I
will lover, I will."

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